Static Mixers are used in thousands of mixing applications; Invotec offer disposable static mixers used for difficult high viscous mixing problem, the industry leading static mixer for injection moulding nozzles and static mixer melt blenders for extrusion problems.


Invotec and Stamixco specialize in mixing difficult 2 (Two) part components using the proven X-Grid design disposable static mixer across a range of mixing elements for many applications.


Whether you need to mix fluids, highly viscous components such as epoxy glues or process polymers, we have  Static Mixing solutions for these popular problems and much more.


Across the range of Stamixco static mixers the x-grid design allows for much shorter mixing lengths with minimal pressure drop saving you expensive additive and colour cost and substantially reducing your wasted materials.


We offer mixers in steel or disposable plastic construction for viscous fluids, melt blenders, injection moulding and also a range of traditional helical mixers in steel or plastic, please browse our site and please contact for any questions or help you require.  We want to help.



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