Medium Performance Helical Static Mixers


Helical Plastic Disposable Static Mixers provide cost effective solutions for meter-mix-dispense applications. The Helical static mixer structure is suitable for simple to medium difficulty applications. Other StaMixCo X-Grid static mixers  are recommended for difficult applications that require high degrees of mixing or when materials must be mixed with large differences in viscosity or volumetric ratio.

The Helical static mixer is suitable and cost effective for Easy and Moderated Difficulty mixing applications which represent about 80% of 2-Component Resin Industry requirements. The definition of Easy and Moderate Difficulty applications are those in which encompasses applications where the volumetric and viscosity ratio of the materials to be mixed are less than 10:1 and where Good Homogeneity (95% mix) or lower is acceptable.

Group of Helical disposable plastic mixers

Helical mixers are available individuality or in a range of dispensing housings

Understanding the various stages below it is evident that even for the Easy mixing task of this experiment (1:1 volumetric and viscosity ratio of the materials to be mixed), approximately 3 Medium Performance Helical static mixing elements are required to achieve the same degree of mixing as 1 High Performance X-Grid static mixing element.

Table showing mixing performance of helical static/motionless mixers

Specifications & Accessories


Materials of Construction: Mixing Elements: Acetal; Housing: Polypropylene

Mixing Element Geometry: Length-to-Diameter Ratio (L/D) of individual mixing elements = ~0.8

Accessories: Retaining Nuts (plastic & metal), jackets, Luer Lock fittings & needles, Bell Inlet Sleeve, Support washer, Pipe adapter.

Blue and white viscous resin (1:1 volumetric and viscosity ratios) are pumped through six (6) Helical static mixing elements, allowed to harden and cross-sectional cuts are made at the outlet of each mixing element. The Helical static mixer is considered a Medium Performance mixing device and is therefore used for non-demanding applications. Striations of blue and white continue to exist even after 36 mixing elements with poor mixing at all wall surfaces and at the junction of the blade and wall.

Static Helical MixerDN 35mm O.D. = 34,7mm x 110mm long, made of PP

Helical static motionless mixer


Static Helical Mixer with 4 helical elements and a total length of 110 mm for bores/pipes with I.D. of 18 to 34.7 mm, made of PP.


Available in standard diameters of 18, 20, 25, 30, 34.7 mm or on request in special diameter in the range of 18–34.7 mm.


 Disposable static mixer for 2-components (2K) metermix-dispense, for pH-adjustment with acid or caustic (neutralisation) in watertreatment or for general mixing duties with fluids not corroding PP

X-Grid Disposable Plastic Mixers

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