Plastic static (motionless) mixers are predominantly used as a one application disposable unit but also in semi permanent applications where they are not subject to aggressive materials and are used in a continuous product application.


Helical static mixers have been in use for many years and are generally the less expensive option but generally you will need available a far longer mixing channel when compared to the X-Grid design, therefore in a one off application such as two pack resin or gluing operations a lot more material may be wasted, this should be taken into consideration when comparing costs.


The X-Grid design whilst more expensive than helical versions allows for much shorter mixing channels which will give you a much more stable linear length and  with their superior mixing qualities ensure a consistent mix every time, reducing scrap rates and reducing wasted raw material costs.

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X Grid plastic static-motionless mixers

The X-Grid Family of Static Mixers

The industry standard helical plastic disposable 2K static mixer is available in a very wide range of diameters, number of mixing elements, configurations and materials. It is most suitable for easy to moderate difficulty meter-mix-dispense applications.

Helical plastic static-motionless mixers

Plastic Helical Static Mixers

The X-Grid range contains moulded sets, individual mixers and large section elements for large flow rates.  Available with or without standard housings or fitted into pipework for your individual application.  Manufactured from PP, POM or special Nylon PA66 (with 50% Glass filled nylon) for aggressive applications


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